About e'Sac

Chennai's No.1 Architecture GATE Coaching Center

e’Sac was began with the mission to see visible growth of budding architects’ ability to understand, analyze and design. Over years e’Sac has inculcated the fundamentals of architecture among the burgeoning architects who were part of the programs at e’Sac. e’Sac has conducted about 20 workshops in various colleges in Chennai and in the Centre. The adopted Innovative teaching methodology has made its contribution to the enormous growth of the institution.

Marching towards the goals of the growing institute we have flapped its next wing for persistent training in architecture through our ARCHITECTURE GATE coaching. First centre for GATE ARCHITECTURE & PLANNING in TamilNadu with intensive classroom training. It imparts a complete knowledge on architecture. It’s a comprehensive training for Architecture students. We encourage students to pursue their master’s from centrally funded institution or to work Central or State Government.

GATE ARCHITECTURE training at e’Sac focuses on building a strong base with high degree of technical knowledge on subjects. Highly inspiring mentors who are passionate about teaching students handle the classes with high level technical knowledge. Apart from inculcating the fundamentals in Students e’Sac also tutelage students for aptitude based exams.


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