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Architecture Rendering

Faculty from Industry

Architectural rendering, architectural illustration, or architectural visualization is the art of creating two and three dimensional images showing the attributes of a proposed architectural design.

Workshop Start date : 27 Nov 2017

Workshop End date : 30 Nov 2017

Covered Topics : All techniques of rendering using the distributed files, post rendering of interior and exterior views and portfolio making.

Number of Students participated : 10 students from southern India

Number of Guest Lecturers : 1

Certificate : Issued to participants


Basic tools and commands in Photoshop
Importing of drawings/sheet settings
Basic technique of rendering plan/section
Photoshop in detail (required for architects)
1. Sheet composition - sheet contents n templates of sheet composition
2. Work on a given plan and section using the basic techniques. (1 services plan may be)

How to do an Architecture portfolio??

Samples of architecture Portfolio
1. Second rendering technique which can be applied on plan/ Section/ elevation/ view
2. Working on the given drawings using the materials given.
3. Making a cover page.

Making of Portfolio - content sheet / setting sheet format.

1. Making of architecture graphics and signage in your style using the first two techniques.
2. Third rendering technique to be applied on plan/ Section/ elevation/ view
3. Making of landscape elements in your style using technique 3
4. Rendering of small Plan n section given using the technique -3

Submission of portfolio cover page/content sheet/format of one design sheet

All previous exercises in form of Jpegs or prints
1. Rendering of site plans using technique 2 & 3
2. Rendering small site plan with sciography/using landscape elements
3. Enhancing of exterior view.


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