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Joy of Building


Architecture is an art form.

Architecture is an art form. It is the creative process of developing ideas and concepts into a building or a space. This workshop focuses on the meaning of design - introducing concepts, theories and practices behind the discipline of architecture.

This workshop will provide an overview of the Architectural creative process; from inspiration, to conceptualization, to visualization and resolution.

Workshop Start date : 24 March 2018

Workshop End date : 24 March 2018

Covered Topics : Understating of what is architecture concepts. Evolving concepts through exercises through paper, block models, soap solution, wires, steel mesh etc. Translation of evolved forms to architecture.

Number of Students participated : 25 students

Number of Guest Lecturers : 2

Certificate : Issued to participants

Exercises covering the following areas of concept evolution DESIGN METHODOLOGY - Flow chart PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN - presentation ARCHITECTURE SCALES like human scale, intimate scales, etc. TYPES OF DESIGN THINKING. MODULAR SYSTEMS PROTOTYPING


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